Joe started to write a blog post on building customer trust and we got a surprise visit from one of our best clients.  I told him I would give him a hand on writing the blog post so it gets published today.

Why is it important that the blog post be published today? Because our readers have come to expect a blog post every Monday and they trust us to deliver it on time.

As I’m typing this, our client is sitting with Joe going through photos for another website we are designing for him.  I’m listening to the conversation for this massive project we’ll be working on and at no point has pricing been discussed because “the client trusts us”.  Now, mind you, he’s been a client for approximately 18 years.  Trust was built over many years.

I’d like to share a story of a recent buying experience I had which was based on trust built over a few weeks.

A few times a week, I participate in blog hops (links to blogs are posted and participants visit each of the blogs).  On July 13th, I read a blog post that really connected with my “artist side”.   Roz Tanner from Earth and Moon Design posted about the 80-20 Rule Applied to Fashion.  I really enjoyed reading it because it connected with me personally.  The post wasn’t  “salesy” and had some really useful tips in there that I was able to implement.  This showed me that Roz knew her stuff.

The next week, Roz posted “Summer Jewelry Trends: Beach, Baubles and More“.  I really enjoyed reading this and I had a question about what type of jewelry to wear when the temperatures are very hot outside.  Roz replied pretty quickly and she shared some fantastic information .  This showed me that Roz cares about people and their interests.  

There was a particular piece I really liked and Roz emailed me about a Christmas in July special she was having in a few days.  Roz could have said nothing and I would have paid full price for the set, but she shared the sale with me early.   This showed me that Roz is an honest person.  

I placed the order based on the trust that was built over a few weeks and when I received my order, it was packaged in a beautiful little bag, along with a handwritten note .  This showed me that Roz likes to put that personal touch into each of her orders.

The necklace and earrings were fantastic quality and the photo didn’t do it justice.  This showed me that Roz handcrafts top quality jewelry.

At no time, was Roz pushing a sale, she was building a relationship with me and it all started with a simple blog post.

How you build customer trust isn’t hard…what Roz did can be applied to any quality business.

  • she answered her emails quickly
  • shared valuable information
  • showed an interest in my questions
  • is authentic
  • is honest
  • cares about quality

What’s important to you when you are deciding on buying a product or service from a business you’ve never dealt with before?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.