Before you start reading…we’re not going to bore with you with a 1500 word bio page because, honestly, that stuff is really boring.


This isn’t about us, but whether or not we’d work well together, so you’ll get an idea of what we’re about on a personal level, without sharing too much information 🙂


If you do have any questions or want to learn more about who we are, we’d welcome a quick chat so you can learn more.

Where and How Long

Legacy Designs is located in Hamilton, Ontario and has been in business since 1998.


We have design, marketing and hosting clients in:

  • construction
  • sports
  • solar energy
  • manufacturing
  • self storage
  • marketing
  • dog training
  • real estate
  • medical
  • non-profits
  • consulting and more

It’s not really about us, but here we are

The Team

Joe Butka

Joe Butka

Web and Graphic Designer

Born and Lives in Hamilton, Ontario

Worked in the retail industry for over 25 years,then went to school for web and graphic design

Runs 10k while the dog is sleeping in bed and has been smoke free since 2007

Turn ons:   local craft beer and bbq’d steak


Gisèle Grenier

Gisèle Grenier

Content Marketing and Design

Born and raised on a farm in Zephyr, Ontario before moving to Toronto 12 years later.  Currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario

Went to school for computer programming and systems analysis and upgraded skills to include conversion copywriting and design

Loves 80’s music, bbqs and walking Hamilton mountain.

Turn ons:  helping a startup business get their first sale



Chief Security Officer

Mia is not only in charge of security, she’s also a model for many of the photographs for clients who are dog trainers.

Did we pass the “date” test?  Because working together is like a date…except the kissing part.

Spreading Customer Love


Our website was long outdated and we were hardly receiving any hits.  When we updated to a modern website the inquiries started pouring in – we had to turn away business unfortunately!.  Thank you to Joe and his staff for bringing us up to speed in this technological world!

Deb Lytle

Spreading Customer Love


Hamilton Third Age Learning is a volunteer organization dedicated to assisting in making Hamilton an age-friendly city. We do this by providing a series of lectures, six in the spring and six in the fall, for just over 220 mainly retired persons.

From our beginning in 2012 we decided to rely on a website to provide information about our ongoing program and to provide the means whereby we could register and obtain payments from our participants on-line. Our search for a company that could design and manage our website led us to Legacy Designs and its two principals Joe Butka and Gisele Grenier.

Our commitment to this company has been for us a very successful one. Their design work has been first-class, their technical expertise outstanding, and their management of our account faultless. We recommend Legacy Designs and its services enthusiastically and without reservation.

L.King, Ph.D, LL.D, FRSC
HTAL Board member
Hamilton Third Age Learning

I was looking for someone to develop a website for us and I did not have the time or experience to do it  myself.

Legacy Designs helped me by using their experience and expertise to develop a professional looking website for us. The result was that we now have a professional looking website that we can use to promote and build our business.

One thing I liked was their ability to offer suggestions regarding the content of our website and that they could provide on-going support and advice.  I found the experience to be very rewarding thanks to Legacy Designs experience and expertise.


Wendy Maeots
Integrated K9