Why the Secret to Solopreneurship Success is Downtime

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Solopreneurship

You’re a solopreneur, and you know that downtime is important.

But when you’re constantly working on your business, it’s hard to take time for yourself. It can be tempting to just keep going because there are always more things to do. And yet, taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do for your business in the long run.

So how can you find balance? One way is by setting boundaries with your work and carving out some space in your schedule for self-care activities. This will help ensure that all aspects of life get attention – not just work!

Take a break from work with these tips

  1. Get up and take a walk around your office or home. Go check the mail, water the plants or make a cup of tea. Just get out of your workspace.
  2. Take a 10 minute break, put on your favourite song and dance in your workspace and when you’re done, just sit and relax for a few minutes.
  3. Set aside 20 minutes of time at the end of each day to just relax and do whatever you want (no phone, no computer)
  4. Read an article in a magazine or watch a video that’s not related to your business.
  5. Take some tiny LED lights and place them in a glass bowl, dim the lights and put on some calming music.
  6. Start a gratitude journal and every night, 10 minutes before bed, write down three things you’re grateful for that happened that day.
  7. Watch this TED talk by Shawn Achor, “The Happiness Advantage” (link will open in a new browser tab/window)
  8. Cook a fun and healthy dinner for yourself and/or loved ones.  If you have children, get them involved with making the meal and cleaning up after 🙂
  9. Meditate even for just 5 minutes, sit outside, close your eyes and just breath. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meditation session. Listen to the birds or the wind rustling through the leaves.
  10. Perform a random act of kindness ( I practice this every single day and it makes the world of difference)
group of women having a cup of coffee

A random act of kindness is an act of kindness that you do for someone that you don’t always know. It’s as if you’re saying, “I see you. I acknowledge that there is someone else in this world.”

It could be as simple as

  • holding the door open for someone while smiling
  • picking up the tab for the person behind you at the drive through
  • having a surprise cup of coffee as a group of friends

If you don’t take time out of your day to do random acts of kindness for others, then how can you expect others to treat you well if you don’t show them how to do it?

I know that when I’m feeling at my worst that a random act of kindness from a stranger can turn my day around. The fact that someone took the time out of their day to be kind and acknowledge me (without seeking anything in return) is enough to make me feel better about the circumstances that I’m in.

You need to keep downtime in your schedule as a solopreneur because taking care of yourself will help ensure that all aspects of life get attention – not just work. On top of this, when you’re constantly working on your business it can be challenging taking time for yourself – but if you make the choice to do so then balance and rest are possible! The most important thing is setting boundaries with your work by carving out some space in your schedule for self-care activities.


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