Who are your customers?

No, it’s not everyone on this earth.  Would you refer everyone on this earth to your business?  Didn’t think so.  If you are a serious business person (I’m pretty sure you are if you are reading this post), it’s critical to drill down and answer the question “who are your customers?”

We talked about asking questions last week.  Let’s be creative and push this further by asking your viewers, fans or followers “What’s your favourite TV show?“.  Pretty generic isn’t it?  this won’t work…not specific enough.

Let’s say you are a general contractor, you could ask “what home improvement shows do you like watching?”  The answers might give you some insight on the “type” of shows they like to watch.  Did you notice that I didn’t ask what home improvement shows they liked watching on tv?  this might result in an answer like “I don’t have a tv“.  By leaving the question open to “just watching”, this covers people who watch their shows online.  Sounds picky doesn’t it?  We have to be, because we are looking for a specific type of conversation.

Are they watching:

  • how to renovate homes to make money?  such as “Income Property” or “Property Brothers
  • DIY home improvement shows?  such as “Fixer Upper” or “Leave it to Bryan
  • shows about a specific topic?  such as “Disaster Decks” or “Timber Kings

This might help you “talk” with your fans and provide them with useful content. If the majority of your fans love “Disaster Decks“, as a general contractor, you could offer some helpful tips specifically related to decks.

After posting a few tips, post a picture or status update with a link to your blog containing a full post on a recent deck build you completed.  Include before and after pictures and a testimonial from the client.  Don’t forget to allow comments on your blog to further engage with your fans and potential customers.

If you were a real estate agent, a builder or a carpenter, you could benefit from asking these types of questions too.

What’s one question you could ask your viewers, fans or followers right now?   feel like sharing it with us?  post it below.

If you’re having some trouble crafting a question, share what you do below and we’ll come up with something together.  Not a public sharing type of person, contact me privately and we’ll come up with something together in a free 30-minute consultation.

Until next time, Stay Inspired!