An action could be anything such as filling out a form, clicking a link to buy, opting into your email list.  It’s that “thing” you want someone to do.

Every page on your website should lead the person to do “something”.  Even your “404, page not found” page should have the person do something, such as click a link to go to X.

Even a blog post, should have a CTA (call to action) to have the reader “do something”.  It all depends on the context of the page and what you want them to do.

The CTA on this page is for you to enter your first name, email address and then click a button to download a simple checklist to see if your website is optimized for conversions.  This will add you to a mailing list to record that you were sent the checklist.  Once you get the checklist, the action is for you to go through it and check off anything your website matches.  In 24 hours, you’ll get an automatic email to followup on this and the CTA is for you to reply to the email if you need any help.

You’ll notice that during this engagement, we didn’t ask you to buy anything.  A CTA and conversion doesn’t always have to be about the sale…it’s all about the action someone takes.

All of this becomes a virtual conversation between us.