Website vs Social Media. How are you getting the Message Across?

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Blogging

All too often prospective clients will call or email and say “I want you to help me set up a Facebook and Twitter page because all my competitors and customers have one”.

That’s not a problem, the problem lies in the fact that many of these individuals have not updated their website in years or in some cases, don’t even have one.

Website vs Social Media

We have spoken with many companies and individuals that feel their website or lack of, is not of great concern because social media is the way to go. They could not be any more wrong and it’s not their fault, because in today’s business world all they hear is Facebook this and Twitter that and you’ve got to be on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The fact is you can’t forget or ignore the greatest tool you have for getting out information about your products and/or services, who you are and what you have to offer.

Think back 40 years ago or longer.  If you were a retailer and had an annual catalog.  You generally had signs announcing when your new, bigger and better catalog was being released. Depending on the company and the advertising budget you had you might do a radio AD or TV commercial. People could hardly wait for that new Sears Catalog.

In today’s business, your website is that catalog and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are your signs, AD’s and commercials. They are your teasers and serve to be the extension of your website.

You cannot let social media be the only thing that speaks to existing and potential clients. If you rely on those as your only point of connection or in some case only means of promoting and growing your business, you’re missing the boat.

Here are 10 Simple Tips to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Website

  1. Update your content regularly, at least once a week and be consistent.
  2. Solicit viewer engagement through a Blog section.
  3. Respond in a timely manner on Blog comments.
  4. Keep your navigation simple.
  5. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.
  6. Use relevant pictures throughout your website.  A website or blog post that is nothing but text is very boring.
  7. Display short video clips where possible to demonstrate how your products are used.
  8. Make sure your website can be viewed in all commonly used web browsers.
  9. If your website contains several pages add a “Search” feature.
  10. Make sure you select a font that is easy to read and keep the number of font types to no more than 2.

Share with us how often do you update your website or blog?


  1. Vatsala Shukla

    I love the comparison of websites and social media to a catalog and adverts, Joe. Long before I shifted career gears, I was liaising with the company that had developed and managed my Mom’s art website and the developer advised me to promote her art website via social media to encourage traffic. Way back in 2004, I did not know what SEO etc meant but I did understand Google search and the fact that publishers and art promotion groups started to send us messages via the website contact form would not have been possible without social media engagement that raised her profile on Google and enabled a website in India to be found in USA and Europe.

    Back to the question, a weekly blog post and a review of the entire website every 3 months to check for broken links and outdated information. Google is still my best ally.

    • Joe Butka

      Thanks for your comments glad you like the comparison.

      One helps the other but so often the website is so forgotten, glad to see you have a maintenance schedule.

  2. Gisele Grenier

    Working on the website first, then and only then, when a blog post is done, or an update is finished, I will then share to social media. My goal with my creative site is to always bring people to that first. If someone sees something on social media, I want to lead them back to the website, that is where all the juicy bits are in the form of free classes, tutorials and such. Plus, Social media is so distracting with all the trinkets popping up everywhere 🙂

    Last week, in a group I belong to, a lady posted that her FB account was shut down. She was legit and in the whole scheme of things, what she was doing was good, but FB didn’t like what she was posting. I guess a few people reported some of the images. It had to do with weight loss and the benefit for your health. So now, she’s stuck with business cards with her FB link on it and there is nothing she can do.

  3. Roslyn Tanner Evans

    Love your analogy. I recall being told early on that my website was my storefront and everything else had to drive traffic to it. Our webmaster periodically checks for broken links, etc, does audit and continues to teach us to be self sufficient. We are looking at changing our website & that’s exciting.

    • Joe Butka

      When it comes to your website a change is always a good thing. Really can spark interest form regular followers and attract new ones.

      Thank you for you comments.

  4. Beverley Golden

    Our website is the prime real estate for our message, so it is surprising that some people think social media is good enough to build a tribe. As far as changing my site, I do have a section on the home page called What’s Happening and my goal is to keep updating it with what is current of new. I add my Huffington Post articles to my own blog as well, so that keeps new material flowing in. Currently we are updating the sidebar of my blog to include a picture and bio plus some other goodies! So yes, for me, the website always comes first. Thanks for the great post and reminder where to focus our attention, Joe!

    • Joe Butka

      Glad you like it. The adding of a feed from outside is a great idea, like you say it brings in fresh content with little effort and brings back viewers.

  5. Deb Nelson

    Wonderful advice, Joe – we don’t own the real estate that houses our social media activities. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. can – and do – adjust the rules as they see fit. I look at my website as my hub; I’m always surprised to see businesses without a website focusing on facebook alone as their hub. All good points in this post.

    • Joe Butka

      Best explanation “we don’t own the real estate that houses our social media” so many people think they do. Changing the rules is something they do all to often and people forget you can not control that like your website. The one thing you still have full control of in presentation and content.

      Thanks for you feedback.

  6. Joan Harrington

    Great tips Joe!! So simple to keep your visitors coming back for more!

    • Joe Butka

      Glad you enjoyed it. The simple things are always so easy to forget.

  7. Kaz

    Great advice! I can totally understand the importance of the 10 tips you shared with us! I sometimes check some websites but some of them are noticeably out of date…. they just lose their customers unfortunately. Thank you for sharing great tips!

    • Joe Butka

      Unfortunately the reason is with many people the feeling is once I have my website up I now focus all my attention to social media. At that point the website is ignored.

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Liz Benoit Cozby

    Great advice, Joe. As others say, our website is the only realty we own, so that’s where our most precious commodities should be. Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  9. Tamara MacDuff

    This is excellent advice. I know I have to do better with content and keeping my website updated. I have to get back to the idea of treating myself as a client. I’m also going to share this with a client who thinks it is redundant to have both social media and her website. Thank you!


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