Hello there

Welcome to the Templates & Layouts Library

The Library is a Construction Zone

Designing templates and layouts is a new service we’re offering to make things easier for you, so it’s obvious to say that the library is like one big construction zone as samples are being loaded.

The templates and layouts can be used as single page websites, landing, sales pages and full websites.

You can use the templates and layouts as landing pages for a launch of a new product or service, a page to generate leads, for an opt-in or can be used as a one page website.

If you find a template or layout you like, but it’s not for your industry, it’s not a problem, since the templates and layouts can be customized using your own images and copy.

Here are four sample templates for specific industries, but can be easily modified for any industry by updating the images, colours and copy.

There will be more added during the next few weeks.

Sample Templates


Minimal Copy, lots of Graphics



How This Works

You Pick – We Customize

We can take care of everything, so you just have to pick the page, we can customize it with your photos and your copy so you can concentrate on what you do best – run your business.

Don’t have photos and don’t have copy, or you think you suck at writing your product or service descriptions.. we’ve got you covered.

Before we go any futher, just to let you know that the templates and layouts are made to function within a WordPress website using the Divi framework.  If you have neither, no worries, if you have an existing website, we can still do this.

Why Not Design from Scratch?

Picking from a pre-designed theme is a great way to get your landing page or one page website up and running fast with a minimal investment.  Designed for start-ups and those who need something fast, where time to have something built from scratch is not feasible.

How Long Does it Take?

Once you pick the look, we setup a consultation.  Can be done over the phone or via email.  We’ll provide you with a short list of the images and copy you’ll need to provide.  If you don’t have any images, we can use stock photography instead.  If you are struggling with the copy for your landing page, we can help get through writers block with our conversion copywriting services.

From the time your order is placed, once we get what we need from you, currently the turnaround time is under 10 days.

The most successful landing pages have one reader, one big idea, one promise and one offer.  You can’t sell to everyone, so let’s focus on getting the right eyeballs on your product or services shall we.