Don’t be That Annoying Sales Person

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Solopreneurship

You walk in a brand new shoe store and within 10 seconds, a salesperson is in front of you, introducing herself and wants to show you new shoes on sale.  

What’s your first reaction?

Me:  thanks, I just want to look around first

But the salesperson didn’t hear you, she asks what occasion your buying shoes for, what size you are, and is guiding you to a chair so you can take off your shoes.

Now, what’s your next reaction?

Me:  thank you, I just want to look around first (getting annoyed)

and she continues on talking about the shoes on sale, that she has the exact pair at home (love that line), and asks for your shoe size again.

You know how this goes right?

Me:  thanks, I just wanted to look around, I have someplace else I have to be (and I walk out the store wondering how the salesperson would even think I’d enjoy wearing 4″ stilettos when I went into the store with classic flats)

There is nothing more frustrating than having sales pushed in my face when all I want to do is browse a store for the first time.

Yes, she’s only doing her job, but if she would have given me a chance to look around, get to know more about the store, and whether I liked it first, I may have bought something.

ideal customer totally confused

Now, let’s turn to you.

I’d like you to go back on your last 10 social media posts and even your block posts (if you’re blogging) and how many of your posts are trying to sell something?

Unless you’re in the middle of a launch, your last 10 social media posts, should have no more than 2-3 promotional posts.


If someone who’s never heard of you before lands on your feed and all they see are promotional posts, they’re going to think “is this all this person talks about?” and bang, they are onto the next feed.

Remember the shoe store…

let first-time visitors get to know you more before asking them to buy

And you might be saying “but how am I supposed to know if they are first-time visitors?”

That’s why I like to use this ratio:  3-4 posts of pure value (entertain, teach, share a special date/event or inspire them), then share 1 promotional post.  Rinse and repeat.

So if someone has never met you before, they will get 3-4 non-sales posts, then 1 sales post…a much nicer balance than trying to push sales on your virtual visitors, which btw, you can’t see their face to read body language, but you might get an idea on how they feel if they engage with your posts in the form of a comment, they share your post or even reply with questions.

Once your ideal customer gets to know you more and starts to like you, they will then trust you enough to hand over their money to buy your products or services.

In closing, I’d love to know what the last experience you had with a salesperson that rubbed you the wrong way or one that went out of their way to help you. 

Until next time, stay inspired



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