Essential Social Media for Small Business

social media for small business Are you a solopreneur or small business owner looking for some simple ways to bring awareness to your business without spending thousands of dollars a month?

Yes, there are agencies out there that charge big bucks, but they are more in lined with large companies and corporations.  A fortune 500 company would not hire us, but ABC Legal Services owned and operated by Jane Doe would.

What’s the Difference?  We are also a small business, so everything that we offer as a service, we have implemented ourselves.  Those same strategies are customized and used for our clients, implemented, reviewed and adjusted on a constant basis.

Social Media for Small Business

The Essential Social Media for Small Business service offered is the most popular among our clients.

  • Initial consultation (phone or email*) so we can learn about you and your business.
  • Create a social media strategy based on the initial consultation.
  • Creating and personalizing social profile accounts for Facebook and Twitter. (if you already have accounts, we’ll customize them)
  • Posting of shareable and relevant content to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Promotional content created for your products and services, posted on Twitter and Facebook, linking to your blog or website.
  • Service is provided in-house and not outsourced.  Any questions can be answered by phone or email.
  • No long term contract, but we highly suggest a minimum of 6 months if you don’t have a social media presence.

* the initial consultation can be done over the phone, but we have found on almost every occasion that our clients need to get back to us with some of the answers.  For this reason, we also offer the initial questions by email so you can take your time in answering.  The more we get to know about you and your business, the better service we can provide.

Cost starts at $97 per month.