Silence is Not Empty, it’s Full of Ideas

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Solopreneurship

As I’m writing this, it’s Saturday. Finished listening to my early morning podcast from Eddie Pinero, loosened up my body to my dance track while prepping meds, Mia’s food and coffee is made.

It’s going to be a good day today.

I’ve had my 3 walnuts and 1 cracker to take meds #1 until Joe and Mia get home from their walk and then it’s breakfast time.

Until that time, I journal and read 1 chapter of a non-fiction book (currently it’s Atomic Habits by James Clear) and journal any insights from reading.

To let you in, this is a raw article that I will not be editing to keep the spirit as real as possible.

It’s the same routine every morning and as I’m writing this, it sounds very boring. Even while listening to my “high vibration” sound track, it still reads as very boring.

But doing it is FAR from boring.

While reading my chapter of Atomic Habits this morning, I realized why this morning routine (except reading, it used to be watching a 15 minute YouTube educational video) that I’ve been doing for a year works so well. As a morning set of habits (behaviours with good intentions) that starts at 4am during the week, 5am on the weekends, it sets me up for the right frame of mind which impacts how I start my day.

Stay with me.

Prepping meds is a non-negotiable. It’s tedious.

Prepping Mia’s food is a non-negotiable. I’ll be honest, it’s tedious.

Preparing the coffee pot is as boring as it gets.

I also hate traditional exercise because my arthritis makes it so painful, but I LOVE dancing to heavy beat music.

Prepping meds, Mia’s food and coffee + dancing = fun.

Now, while prepping the meds, Mia’s food and coffee, I’m not dancing like Shakira (I wish), but I move everything below my waistline.

Where am I going with this?

A short time ago, I was journaling after re-reading chapter 3 of Atomic Habits and I stopped. Closed my eyes and sat in silence.

Focused on my breathing and it came to me. I love creating, but I hate marketing and sales.

Silence is not empty, it’s full of ideas.

I’ve been a creator and experimenter obsessed with saying “what if” since I was a kid.

I was a 7 year old kid, standing in a puddle of water on the porch with a plugged in lamp in front of me wondering what a shock would feel like.

Stay with me.

Now before you say anything, no my parents were not home. I convinced them I was old enough to be left alone with my younger sister while they picked up horse feed. It was only 15 minutes.

The obvious happened. I got a hell of a shock and got grounded because my sister tattled on me and it was another 6 months before I was left alone again.

I didn’t care about that because my Father asked me “so what did it feel like?” and he held onto my every word while I explained my experiment.

He said “you knew what would happen, why did you do it anyways?”. I shrugged and said “because I wanted to know for myself what it would feel like.” I think he would have been disappointed if I said anything else.

My father and I are/were the same. He was always thinking, creating and experimenting.

But like me, my Dad hated selling and back then, it was door to door, newspaper and magazine ads. You know…the old school way.

But shit, the stuff he created, as soon as he showed me, I knew it would sell. I was my Dads biggest and only fan.

The two biggest inventions were:

  1. an engraving machine that was 8′ x 8′ in diameter, sat in our basement. It would punch small dots into sheet metal — using a 4×5 film negative as reference. What you got was a piece of sheet metal with an engraving of an image.
  2. a worm dispensing machine — like a vending machine for snacks, but precisely temperature controlled. This was so fishermen could get bait 24/7.

He didn’t sell it because he said there’s no fun in selling, he created because it was fun. But I wonder if it was not wanting to run the risk of rejection doing face-to-face sales?

My dad and I are the same.

So now my next creation, or better word is experiment, is to find out how to make marketing and selling fun. Because at this very moment, I’d rather have a root canal. Time to think.

15 minute pause in silence.

I know how I’m going to approach this and I’m so excited that as soon as I’m finished writing this article, I’m grabbing a fresh journal and my favourite pen and mind-mapping the shit of my thoughts.

I’ll create some type of system, experiment, test it, revise, test it again, rinse and repeat.

Why do this? because I guarantee, that I’m not the only one in this universe that has a zone of genius for creating but hates marketing and selling. And ADHD doesn’t help.

So when the time is right, I will source willing Guinea piglets to test it. I will revise and test again until it works. It could take 3 months, it could take 3 years. I don’t care.

If I don’t do this now, how unfair would it be to all the other solopreneurs out there having the same problem. They are creators, experts in their field with something amazing of value for their ideal customers, but hate marketing and selling.

If I can’t do this part, it will be a failure and failure is giving up.

And at 58 years old, I’m done with giving up.

Silence is not empty, it’s full of ideas.

Until next time, stay inspired.



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