The Unexpected Benefits of Procrastination as an ADHD Content Creator

by | Jun 17, 2023 | Content Writing

If you’re a content creative, you’ve been where I am. Staring at a blank screen. The mind as empty as it was 30 minutes ago.

It’s especially challenging to stay consistent with output when dealing with ADHD and burnout. But this feels different.

Going to stop and get a drink. Maybe I’ll get some ideas stepping away for a bit.

It’s Saturday night, it’s a beautiful evening, I’m exhausted. Joe bbq’d some delicious burgers and asparagus. I should be spending the evening with him, sitting outside. I can hear the radio playing and the neighborhood kids screaming while playing tag. Ugh, think I’ll stay inside.

I spent 4 hours today repurposing content and graphics. I was in a fricking flow, everything was moving just right. I must say I hit it out of the park with the graphics. I mean, check this one out.

a black dog on a black background with the text "calling all dog loving solopreneurs, find your perfect business niche"

I did so well this afternoon, I deserve a break.

As part of a writing challenge I’m doing, I have to write an article today, no exceptions. I’m so close to the finish line, I’m not going to mess this up.

I shoulda wrote the article this morning.

Going to stop to meditate for 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll get some ideas emptying my brain.

It’s not like I have a lack of ideas. I have 943 article ideas in Notion and gave up after scrolling through 25 screens.

screen capture notion showing how many content ideas I have

My creative juices have just run dry. My ADHD meds wore off 4 hours ago. I don’t have the energy to write a single bloody word.

Maybe I should go meditate again?

But here I am writing.

Procrastination is always being portrayed as the enemy of creativity and productivity. We’re supposed to fight it, shut it down, do everything we can to win that war.

But if it wasn’t for my procrastination today, down to the wire, I wouldn’t be here writing.

Could it be a misunderstood ally? oh shit, I’m not going there. Procrastination is evil.

nah, tight deadlines equals that dopamine hit!

But what if I reframed it (to make myself feel better) that today, procrastination was just my mind telling me to stop for a bit. It needed a breather to let my brain work on it in the background. The good subconscious mind always comes through in the end.

I work best under the power of pressure. Is it the adrenaline rush? My countdown timer, ticking away every.single.second?

Or is it all contributing to a heightened state of focus and creativity?

Is it healthy to embrace procrastination in order to get myself into this pressure-induced creative state more often?

Thinking back, I’ve come up some of the most unorthodox ideas when under the clock and those ideas are more creative when the deadline is for a client.

Should I use procrastination as a creative tool? I know what you’re saying…I’m trying to justify procrastination as as good thing.

Nah, procrastination is still evil and I’m going to credit the creation of this article to the 10 minute meditation clearing my mind and my subconscious finally got in a word and was able to tell me to write what I was going through.

My article maybe a mess. I’m not going to edit it.

Because if I have to edit it, I’ll be sitting here for another 2 hours. And I know that you shouldn’t edit the same day that you wrote the shitty first draft.

The creative process is never a straight line. It’s got all these weird twists and turns and sometimes, when the clock is running out, that’s where we find some of our most innovative ideas.

So there it is, article done.

Until next time, stay inspired!



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