From Vague to Vogue: Transitioning to Niche-Specific Content

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Content Creation, Content Writing

Picture this: you’re standing in a bustling marketplace, loudly hawking your wares. “Scissors for everyone!” you shout, “These babies will cut through anything!” Does that remind you of a certain saying?

“If you sell to everyone, you sell to No one.”

If Billy Bob wants my scissors, why wouldn’t I take his cash?

It’s not about the person giving you the cash. It’s about that one person you’re trying to attract as a customer. That’s the real catch!

Here’s a scenario for you. Let’s say you’re selling these phenomenal ergonomic scissors. They’re so comfortable, you’d think they were custom-made for your hand!

A soft cushion grip lets you cut for hours on end without discomfort. Made from industrial-strength high carbon steel, they’re harder, stronger, and sharper for longer. And when they finally start to dull, you can sharpen them with a special $30 stone.

They’re available in three chic colours — pink, white, and gold — and are designed for adult hands. Not bad for $80, right?

Now, picture these potential customers: kindergarten teachers, chefs, seamstresses, floral designers, crafters, interior designers, visual artists. They could all benefit from your scissors. But with the avalanche of information on the Internet, how do you write content that will attract all these people?

You might not be thrilled to hear this, but let’s face the music together: creating a crystal clear, concise, and standout message in just one piece of content… well, it’s a tall order…honestly, you can’t.

As much as we’d love it to be otherwise, it’s not the most feasible approach if we’re aiming for a message that really pops and distinguishes itself from the vast sea of content out there.

Here’s another angle. Who wouldn’t you want to sell to? The bargain hunters who expect dollar store prices for top-notch scissors? Or the machinist who needs shears strong enough to cut through metal? And while a sous chef might not find your scissors useful, a pastry chef could be slicing through stacks of parchment paper with them.

Let’s face it: you CAN sell to everyone. If they add your product to their cart and check out, that’s great!

The issue are the words you’re using trying to CATER to everyone. Your message becomes so watered-down it’ll barely cause a ripple in the sea of content out there.

So who’s your perfect customer?

For these scissors, I’d put my money on a seamstress. She’s spending hours cutting fabric, her hands cramping from arthritis. She wants sharp scissors that won’t dull easily, and price isn’t an issue if she can work without pain.

Let’s go through some examples, one generic version and 4 versions each version getting more specific.

Generic Version — no target audience

Whether you’re into tailoring, getting crafty with arts and crafts, deep into quilting, passionate about dressmaking, all about sewing, or just into upholstery, these babies have got you covered. Heck, they can even help with trimming your rose bush. The joy of cutting with these will have you wondering how you ever did without them.

Version 1: Wedding Dress Seamstress

Now imagine her landing on your website and seeing a message tailored just for HER.

“Cutting through leather and lace for that alternative wedding dress just became a joy, not a chore. Say goodbye to sore fingers and frequent sharpening breaks.”

WAIT, let’s do better

“Calling all wedding dress seamstresses! These scissors are practically made for you. Imagine laying out that beautiful swath of lace or satin and gliding through with ease, no snagging, no dull edges.

From the most delicate trimmings to the broadest cuts, these scissors can do it all. And let’s not forget that satisfying swish sound as they slice through the fabric. Say goodbye to painful hands and hello to the pleasure of cutting with ease.

With these scissors, the process of crafting that dream wedding dress just got a whole lot smoother!”

NOW, let’s really narrow down WHO our ideal customer is.

seamstress designing a black wedding dress

Version 2: wedding dress seamstress that specializes in Goth style wedding dresses

“Attention all creators of gothic style wedding dresses! These scissors are practically designed with your specific needs in mind. Picture yourself unrolling that lush black velvet or delicate lace, and these scissors just glide right through with the utmost ease.

They’re precise enough for the most intricate patterns and sturdy enough for edgier materials, like leather and buckles. Hear that satisfying ‘whoosh’ as they cut cleanly through, making your design process all the more enjoyable. Say goodbye to sore fingers and aching palms, and say hello to effortless cutting.

With these scissors in your toolkit, creating that mesmerizing goth wedding dress just got a whole lot more exciting and seamless. No pun intended!”

FINALLY, the specific pain point our seamstress has is pain. So the content is going to be written for a wedding dress seamstress that specializes in Goth style wedding dresses who experiences hand pain when cutting through velvet and leather.

Version 3: wedding dress seamstress that specializes in Goth style wedding dresses who suffers from arthritic pain in her hands

“You’re working on your latest gothic wedding dress masterpiece. Black velvet, white lace and stunning leather are piled high on your table, and you’ve been cutting for what feels like hours. Your hands are starting to protest the constant strain.

Now, imagine a change in the scenario.

You reach for these new scissors and start unrolling that lush velvet and delicate lace. And what do you know? The scissors glide through with ease, no matter how intricate the pattern or how robust the leather.

Listen to that satisfying ‘whoosh’ as they cut cleanly through, transforming your design process into something thoroughly enjoyable. Say goodbye to those painful reminders of a hard day’s work, and say hello to effortless cutting.

These scissors make the journey to creating your darkly beautiful goth wedding dress not just easier and pain free, but also more exciting and seamless.”

See the difference? When you know who you’re writing for.

Visualize them

  • who don’t you want to focus your marketing on?
  • who can you visualize as your dream customer? the one you want to do business with?
  • what problems are they having?
  • what pain do they have?
  • what makes them want to quit?
  • what can you do to solve these problems?

When you understand this, everything becomes crystal clear.

It’s about understanding your audience, their quirks, their needs. It’s about molding your message so perfectly for them, they’d think you were reading their minds.

So focus on that sweet spot, where their needs and your offering meet, and craft your copy with that in mind.

Until next time, stay inspired.



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