Asking your audience or fans some questions is a great way to engage them in conversation. But don’t ask questions just to get a sale or promote a service.  Ask questions because you are genuinely interested.  Here is an easy exercise how you can learn more about your audience:

Pretend you are a dog owner. You’re scanning through your social media account and land on a post by a dog groomer.

Which question would you rather answer?

Do you like giving your dog a bath?


Asking all dog owners…how do you make Fido more comfy when giving him a bath?

The first question asks for a “yes or no” answer. It’s easy to get an answer, but the second question gets people talking.  If you are a dog owner, you’ll know that we’ll do anything possible to make Fido as happy as can be and you’ll share your own story or troubles with giving Fido a bath.

By asking something that has an emotional attachment, you are more likely to get a response and learn so much more then if you would have just gotten a “yes or no” answer.    I created this graphic to create some relevance to the question.  Using pink for the heart is soft on the eyes and the puppy is so darn cute!

What’s one question you’d like to ask your audience?  Ask it here!

Until next time, Stay Inspired!