Is Knowing Who You Want to Sell to More Important than Who You Don’t Want to Sell to?

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Solopreneurship

If you’re been researching online marketing even for just a few weeks, I’m sure you’ve come across the following terms:

  • target audience
  • ideal customer avatar
  • dream customer

When I first started out, I thought these terms really sounded like icky marketing lingo, but fast forward to today, I don’t think there’s really another way to describe “who you want to sell to”.

It’s been proven that when you know who you’re selling to, it’s so much easier to create your product/service descriptions, your website, email,  social media content, and even what images you’ll choose to display on in your marketing material.

But how do you know if you’re attracting the wrong people?

Grab some paper and a pen, close your eyes and think about the people that have come up with objections and excuses when engaging with you.

Do some of these come to mind?

  • fights you on price, saying it’s too high, when you are right in line with everyone else
  • say they don’t have time to do your small course, but they do spend 1-2 hours per day playing games on Facebook
  • complain they don’t have the money to invest into buying your service, even though they know it’s an investment into themselves, but they do find the money to buy useless trinkets and things that won’t help them reach their goals

Write your own thoughts of these types of people on the sheet of paper and hand on to it.  These are the people you don’t want to even try selling to, let alone capturing them as a lead.

So if you have trouble narrowing down who you want to sell to, flip it around and list out who you don’t want as a customer.

  • if you make custom planners by hand and sell them for $75 do you want to focus your marketing efforts on people that primarily shop at the dollar store?   maybe, maybe not.  I’m not saying that people who only buy at the dollar store wouldn’t appreciate a  handmade planner you’re selling for $75, but you may want to do some research on this.
  • if you’re a lifestyle coach, do you want to focus your marketing efforts on people that dismiss everything you say because they feel like they know more than you?
  • if you’re an art instructor, do you want to focus your marketing efforts on people that constantly grumble that they can’t draw and aren’t improving when they refuse to put in some time on a daily basis to practice?

By listing who you DON’T want as a customer, this will help you focus on who you DO want as a customer.

With this in mind, your website, email and social media content will be clear and concise on who you want to attract, therefore, you’ll actually enjoy the process of transforming someone’s life with what you love to do.

If you have some ideas on how you figured out who you don’t want to sell to, hit reply and let me know.

Until next time, Stay Inspired.



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