Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?Over the last week I have made it a point to watch and see how many people have been focused on their smart phones. Now I am not saying they are all locked into Facebook or Twitter… but it’s a pretty good bet many of them are. I watched as people almost walk into traffic or not realize they are walking down the middle of the roadway in a parking lot because their eyes are glued to the screen of their smart phone and not their surroundings.

Facebook, Twitter and Blogging great ways to drive attention to your website and better your SEO standing, and engagement is a must and has great benefits. But how much is too much or not enough, do you know where to draw a line?

We all use social media for business and personal connections and it has fantastic benefits. But like all good things too much of anything can also have draw backs.

I would love to eat ribs & wings everyday but it’s going to show up in some not so good places… like when I get on the scale or look in the mirror and the side profile looks like half a light bulb.

Here are a few simple steps to make sure you don’t fall into the black hole of social media controlling you and not the other way around.

  1. Take time through the day to disconnect, even if it is just for an hour or so. We need to step away from our daily tasks & routines to recharge our batteries. Take a short break, stand up stretch or walk around just to give your mind a short break.
  2. Set times when you check your Facebook or Twitter accounts, don’t let smart phone notifications dictate your schedule.
  3. Set limits on how many groups you will be involved with, or before you know it you’ll find you are no longer in control.
  4. Know when to disconnect for the day and say tomorrow is another day it’s time to relax. Play with the kids, take the dog for a walk, read your favorite book, watch your favorite TV show, get a hobby… and joining another social media groups is not a hobby.
  5. Finally stick to your guns and respect the limits you set up for yourself.

Is it time to Relax?

Do you have a time every day where you say ok its family or me time and disconnect from your social media connections?

Do you control your social media or does social media control you?