The only way you can get your ideal customers to buy something from you is trust.

The person holding the credit card or checkbook, must not only like what you have to offer, but has to trust you.

They are about to hand over their hard earned money to you.  

  • Are they pondering?
  • Do they keep coming back to your website?
  • Do they keep emailing you questions upon questions?
  • Why are they bothering you when all the information is on the website?

Let’s try this exercise. Now, no groaning, it will only take you a few minutes.

Load up your website on all your devices…computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone. Reset the browser to display at 100% if you’ve made adjustments to the zoom level. This is important.

Is your website guilty of:

  1. having tiny body text on your website…the kind that you have to zoom your browser over 125% to read?  Can you read this?
  2. product or service photos being out of focus, very grainy and are too dark?
  3. being very messy with flashing ads and rainbow coloured fonts?
  4. not having clear and understandable product or service information
  5. taking forever to load?
  6. not having a shipping and returns policy (only if you sell products)?
  7. not having a Contact Us page…are you hiding something?
  8. not having an About Us page…are you hiding who you are?

All of these are barriers to your ideal customers. 
This prevents them from easily buying your products or services or at least figure out who you are, what you do and whether or not they want to get on your list.

There is so much noise out there, don’t make it any more difficult for your ideal customers to buy from you.

What do you do to fix this? It’s very simple. Do the exact opposite of the guilty items in the list.

  • Have a clear styled font that is easy to read and at a good size. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just have all your body text set to Arial 14 pt.
  • If you don’t have a good camera, have proper photos taken of your products or have a designer create your service images. Poor quality photos just shows the customer that quality doesn’t matter to you. You can also load up photos into Canva and apply filters to them so you can at least stylize the images so they look better…but only to a point. You should always start with good photos.
  • Keep your website nice and clean.  Keep distractions to a minimum.  If you have a sales page, don’t have advertising banners or graphics that take customers off your website. Your sales page has one goal. To sell that widget or special service to your ideal customer.
  • The mobile device is the most popular way people browse the web. If you’re images are not optimized, your web page will load very slowly and your ideal customer will give up and click the back button to get off that page.
  • If you sell products or services, don’t make your ideal customer hunt for the information. Time is precious and if they can’t find the information fast, they will just click back and go to your competitor.
  • If you sell products, be up front and honest to your ideal customers what your shipping and return policy is.
  • Have a clear and understandable contact and about page.  Make it easy for your ideal customer to learn who you are, why they should buy from you and be able to contact you with minimal effort.

Picture your favourite website where you go to buy stuff… what’s the one thing on that website that just bugs you? What would you do to change it?

Please post your answer in the comments below and I’d love if you shared this post… maybe it will inspire someone to take another look at their website.