Find Your Donut Hole: Turning Solopreneur Obstacles into Opportunities

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Solopreneurship

Can you believe a turbulent sea journey led to the birth of an inventive culinary creation? Let’s travel back to 1847. Picture Captain Hanson Gregory sailing his boat during a huge storm, a donut in one hand and the ship’s wheel in the other.

As he found himself in a difficult situation, he quickly devised a plan by skewing his donut on one of the spokes of the wheel.

This way, he could control the ship with both hands.

This got me thinking — imagine all the yummy things we wouldn’t have if smart people like Captain Gregory didn’t come up with them! Our boat-captain friend gave us something tasty and practical. How awesome is it when something inventive is also something you can eat!

True or not, they say this is how the donut hole was invented — all thanks to one man’s clever thinking. Captain Gregory was stuck in a tough spot and needed his own creative solution.

For a solopreneur, owning a business can be unpredictable, and this story can help us understand that.

As solopreneurs, you might find yourself juggling multiple tasks without help from others. If things get too overwhelming, outsource to Fiverr or Upwork, or what I do is take a step back, cut out some things that can wait, which makes room to do my own research.

Take responsibility and shape the outcome with your own creative problem-solving skills.

Even if you don’t know where you’re going in this unknown sea, taking control of the journey can still teach you valuable lessons.

Even when you fail, we learn something.

Being a captain of your own ship can be hard when you face surprise challenges that require quick thinking, adapting, and overcoming them. Don’t you dare give up — every problem has a solution waiting to be found. It may just take re-framing how you think about the problem.

Don’t see problems as impossible road blocks. Instead, view them as chances to grow and innovate. When you face a difficulty, no matter how big, don’t run away. Instead, get curious — what would be a “donut hole” solution?

When researching the problem, consider the advice of others, such as co-workers or associates, as they may have merit. But, by taking control of the voyage can lead to solutions and a chance to learn from mistakes.

Where you’ll end up is impossible to know. The value is found in the journey itself.

Reflect on your strengths and resources, consider offbeat methods, and you may luck out with a fresh solution that puts you ahead of the competition.

Captain Gregory didn’t mean to invent a new kind of donut, but his smart thinking led to something historical. You can’t predict the outcome of problem-solving until you explore different things. So, give yourself room to make mistakes and use them as chances to grow and improve.

Often, the most creative solutions come from trying and failing.

Share your journey by telling your stories. Stories have the power to connect with people and inspire them.

Like Captain Gregory’s story, your own stories of challenges and victories make you who you are as a solopreneur.

In the business world, things can get choppy, but don’t be afraid of these storms because they often lead to creative solutions.

So, here’s to you finding your ‘donut hole’ and innovating despite challenges.

Until next time, stay inspired!



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