Essential Branding for Small Business

Branding for Home Business and Small BusinessIf you can walk away with one thing after reading this page let it be the knowledge that branding doesn’t start with design. It’s not only about your logo, letterhead, business card or website, it’s the whole essence of your business.  It involves your mission statement, your voice, your look and style.  Your brand is the essence of your business.

To get started, we’ll have a 1 hour consultation.  This is the time we chat about who you are,  what your business is about and who your customers are.  A questionnaire will also be provided because most clients get stumped answering these questions in person or on the phone.  They feel more comfortable taking their time answering them by email.  This part is so important, because it’s how “we” learn about “you” and “your business”.


We start with finding out “who” you are and “what” your business is about.  If you are not prepared to share that with us or use the excuse that you don’t have time for a consultation, then we are not the right people to work with you.

ConceptLet’s say you really, really want to do this, but you are stuck on time.  I can pretty well guarantee I can find you one hour of time without affecting your business.   To make it even easier, checklists will be provided to you so it’s super simple.


  • 2 concepts
  • 2 revisions
  • final artwork is provided to you.  You are not forced to use us for everything…but check out the next benefit!

Business Cards

  • We work with a local printer who produces amazing quality cards, you will get 500, thick stock, satin finish business cards.
  • If you are not local to the area, they will be shipped to you.