Are WordPress Page Builders on the Way Out the Door

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Web Design

I was considering the time to actually pull the pin on using a page builder when WordPress 5.0 was released. Divi was the page builder being used, it was and still is very popular and somewhat easy to use. But as with all technology that grows really fast, problems start to show up, page speed slows down and tech support along with it.

Gutenberg is already the default editor for many WordPress sites, so it’s not exactly making history. While I’m not thrilled with the learning curve I had to go through, at least Gutenberg is getting better, so much so that I’ve dumped Divi as my WordPress Theme and page builder and have moved over to Kadence for my WordPress theme and took to leap to using Gutenberg.

In this short video, I’ll go over the main reasons why page builders are suffering because of Gutenberg and why I don’t regret making the shift away from the Divi page builder and moving over to Gutenberg.

Transcript – Are WordPress Page Builders on the Way Out the Door?

Hey there Gisèle Grenier here. Do you have a WordPress website? Are you aware of what the release that just came out? Version 5.7. If you’re running a WordPress website, you may be aware of what’s going on with the talk around the internet and on YouTube about the page builders are on their way out the door because Gutenberg has started take over everything.

And if you don’t know what Gutenberg is WordPresses own editor.    Its superpower is speed. Its kryptonite is it’s clunky. So with the release that came out today it’s supposed to be a little bit easier to use. Should you worry about your WordPress website if you’re using a page builder?

I don’t think so right now, there’s too many websites out there using page builders, like Divi. Elementor, Beaver Builder and all those.  Joe and I have built so many websites using Divi and I personally have moved my own website away from Divi and have moved over to Kadence, best decision I ever made because of page speed.

And they’re a phenomenal company to work with, very responsive and no I’m not getting paid to do this video for them. So just to let you know , being fully transparent as to what I’ve done with my own website and with the page builders, the biggest complaint I know in the Divi world is the speed and it’s slow, and every time you want to make a change to something that can’t be done with a builder, their answer is to use CSS, CSS everything.

When you’re looking at the page builders is that their marketing statements are, you don’t need to know a line of code. You know, especially for beginners building, a website, you deliver it and you do some training regardless. You’ve got, Mary Smith who wants to build her a website using Divi.

And if she runs into an issue about having to CSS something, she’s not going to know what the heck that is. If she’s not into web design. That’s one of the things that really bothered me about Divi. Their support was, downhill a little bit, and this is just my personal opinion. Just to, be clear about that.

And I found that they were putting in a lot of features and not fixing a lot of the common stuff that people were complaining about. But yeah, so with page speed with Divi, that was one thing. And with Gutenberg, it is fast. I’m using Kadence for my own website and it is fast, fast.

I think I’m rating a 96% on the  page speed for, GT metrics, Pingdom and Google Page Speed.  So if you have any questions, how you’ll be affected with this shift with WordPress, because it’s all happening this year.

If you’re worried how this will affect you, fire me off a message or comment below just, even just share your website address and I’d be more than happy to take a look at it, because very likely if you’re using a reputable page builder, you’re going to be fine, but it all depends on their business model, on how they’re going to react to Gutenberg and what they’re going to do for their customers to retain market share, alrighty…

so I hope this quick little video helps you and  if you found this useful to give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more training videos. All right. So until I see you next time, stay inspired.


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