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by | Jun 16, 2023 | Content Writing

What a start to the day.

It’s 4am, only 1 hour of sleep, got out of bed, felt defeated. Already had it in my head what kind of day it was going to be.

Every morning I listen to Eddie Pinero on YouTube, and this morning, if I want to be honest, I wanted to skip it. But Eddie talks about showing up, doing what’s hard and so I showed up.

I’m glad I did and it’s amazing how 3 1/2 minutes transformed my morning. Now I’m ready to do this next 10 question challenge inspired by 


 and going into it to have fun.

This challenge at first, didn’t seem as deep as the article from yesterday, but the Universe had other plans.

Let’s go.

1. Favourite drink?

Double shot of Nespresso. It’s my favourite, but I haven’t had that for 2 months due to my blood pressure.

Decaf Nespresso doesn’t cut it. So now it’s a double shot of McCafe decaf as an iced coffee drink and boy that’s yummy. The only thing missing is a shot of Tia Maria.

2. Favourite colour?

My favourite colour isn’t a colour. It’s black, but only when there is a hit of Caribbean blue next to it.

3. If you won the lottery, what are the top 3 things you would do first?

I don’t play the lottery, that’s Joe’s jam. But we’ve talked about what we’d do and we’re on the same page. My personal list is 5 things, so here are the top three

  1. Expand my daughters homestead. For the house, it’s a unique one, insulated with straw and has a living roof. I’d add a second floor to it and invest in her homesteading business without any expectation of a return.
  2. Move to the Bahamas for Canadian winters, which is already on our roadmap and live on my daughters property in a newly built log cabin in the Canadian summers. Oh and I’d have the money to safely spray the property for the spring and summer for the bugs that are the size of walnuts.
  3. Education fund for the grand-kids. Not for traditional schooling, but for exploring. Taking courses on things that aren’t covered in regular school.

4. Favourite cuisine?

That’s easy…Sushi! and not the imitation crabmeat borning kind. The strange shaped cones and nori wraps with raw salmon and tuna, eel and roe.

I only get my Sushi from one place and from one Itamae (sushi chef) and it’s Sobeys. She makes me the most unique combinations. I walk in the door, she sees me and tells me what she’s going to make, although she’s very hard to understand from behind her mask and strong Japanese accent, I trust her.

5. Would you give up social media or your cell phone forever?

Social media, no thinking on that one.

6. One thing you’re really good at?

oh hell, I’m good at a lot of things 😂

Creativity. The unorthodox ideas I can come up with. No drinking involved, the ADHD takes care of that.

7. Cats or dogs?

That’s a tough one. We lost our Chaos (nutbar calico) and I will never own another cat again. As far back as I can remember, in 58 years, I’ve always had a cat, but Chaos was the only one that I was really connected to.

Now dogs, that’s a different story. In the last 30 years, Joe and I have always had a dog, with a one year gap as each one passed on. Our first was Bear, a black schipperke (little captain) who was about 13 inches tall, but boy did he have an attitude. He was classified as defective because he had one white hair. A rule against the breed, so we chose him for that reason.

Then we had Harley…he was an old soul. Glued to Joe. Adopted him when he was 8, nobody wanted him because of his age and high cost medical issues. We adopted him for that reason. He gave us 6 wonderful years.

Then our Mia. Adopted her on the anniversary of Harley’s adoption date. Nobody wanted Mia either. She was 7 years old, apparently aggressive, possessive, was a street dog for weeks and had an abundance of health issues. When we went to the same SPCA to look for dogs, everyone ran towards to the SPCA caregiver, except Mia, she ran over to use, layed on her back and showed us her tummy. A sign of submission. She was the one.

Mia is glued to me all day. She’s laying at my feet snoring.

It’s safe to say when she passes in the next couple of years, she will be the last dog we’ll own.

So am I a cat or dog person?


8. Coffee drinker?

No, I’m a tea drinker, but tea in the morning doesn’t work for me the way one cup of coffee does.

9. What languages can you speak?

French is my first language and learned English from watching the Flintstones. This explains a lot. 🤣

I can barely hold a conversation in French now that my immediate family are no longer here. But I can count to ten in Spanish. That’s a language I want to learn. I also love Italian, it’s so damn sexy.

10. Can you use chopsticks?

Yes I can, and I’ve mastered using chopsticks by practicing picking up a single pea and repeating that process many times.

Why use chopsticks when I can use a fork and eat faster? that’s the key…using chopsticks slows my eating down. Gulping down my food has been a problem since I was little. If you didn’t finish your plate by the time the parents were done, it was taken away. At 58, I’ve tried so many things to break that habit and nothings worked, except chopsticks.

Chopsticks don’t work when eating a rib eye steak though. 😁

Going into this challenge I thought would be easy, but did have to think hard on question #3 and let the tears flow on question #7.

I’m going to tag 

Luke Skyward

 and challenge him to do the 10 question challenge. He writes some amazing stuff about AI and would love to see him do more writing.

Thanks for reading this and if you do this challenge, let me know.

Until next time, stay inspired!



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