Quick-Fire Guide: Generate 30 Blog Topics in 30 Minutes

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Content Creation

To my fellow solopreneur, I know it’s tough when the well of ideas runs dry and you’ve got a blog to run. You’re sitting at your computer, watching that blinking cursor taunting you.

That was me before writing this article. Of all the tools, frameworks and over 800 article ideas in Notion, nothing jumped out. Even running filters to narrow down some ideas… nothing, nada, zippo!

Then I started to think…if I was in a consultation call with a client and she told me about this problem, I’d have a strategy ready for her — fast. But when it’s about your own process for your own self, that inner voice inside my head takes over. So I pretended to be on the call and just documented the process.

I’m about to show you a rapid-fire way to generate over 30 blog topic ideas in less than 30 minutes. And it doesn’t involve ChatGPT! Yes, you heard it right! Human generated blog topic ideas.

Everytime you repeat this process, it will get faster. It also depends on the tool you use to write. Word and Docs is super fast.

I used Notion, which slowed me down, but I did it myself, timed it and will share a screenshot of proof.

And the promise? If you follow these steps, you’ll have 30+ blog topic ideas which means 30 weeks of content if you blog weekly. Now they won’t all be good, that’s not the purpose.

The focus is on volume, not quality. Because quality will come when one stands out and you can refine it. Just think that by doing this activity twice is a years worth of blog topic ideas.

Sidenote: I would repeat this activity monthly, because your ideas today, may not be appropriate in 5 months. The content should be evergreen, meaning it stays fresh for your readers all the time.

You’re going to write your blog topic ideas using the “stream of consciousness” method.

You can lookup the definition on Google, but in simple terms, you’re going to just keep typing ideas for 30 minutes. Whatever pops in your head. No editing, no spell checking, just type.

Ready to get your gears turning? Let’s get to it.

Read the steps first before doing the stream of consciousness activity.

Step 1: Set the Stage

Open up Word, Google Docs or Notion on your computer or laptop. Whatever device that you can type on fast.

Tell anyone that’s around not to bug you for 30 minutes or else.

Set a timer for 30 minutes. You’re about to crank up the idea machine.

Step 2: Prime Your Mind — 15 seconds

Visualize sitting on a part bench with your one ideal customer. You’re having a chat and she says “ can I pick your brain?” and because you’re in a good mood, you reply “ask me anything you want.”

Step 3: Now Free Write

Start writing anything and everything that comes to mind. It’s like tossing spaghetti at a wall — some will stick, some won’t, but the goal here is volume, not quality. It’s a brainstorm, not an editorial meeting.

When the timer goes off STOP

Walk away, have a coffee, tea or shot of Whiskey, neat.


And before I forget, here’s a screenshot of my brainstorming activity before writing this article.

I came up with 47 ideas in exactly 30 minutes.

I typed everything into notion as unique pages and that alone took longer. You’ll get more by typing into Docs or Word, just having to press the ENTER key after each one and not have to use your mouse to click “new” and navigate to the title in a Notion page.

I can never remember the Notion Shortcuts, even though I have a printout taped to my desk.

sample content calendar I'm using in Notion

Step 4: Review and Transform into Something Else

Now that you have a ton of blog topic ideas, you can do the next steps now or on a weekly basis.

Ask Questions

Pull out some topics that can be used as questions. The ‘5W and H’ — Who, What, When, Where, Why, How — are your best friends here. Transform as many as you can. Each question is a working title for a blog topic.

Twist and Turn

Did you write a blog topic idea that’s just too whimsical to ignore? Good!

Now, turn it, twist it, flip it upside down, remove a words, add words. One idea can spawn many when you look at it from different angles.


If you followed these steps, I bet you have at least 30 fresh blog topics on your screen now. It’s like you’ve uncorked a champagne bottle of ideas, isn’t it?

woman holding a post it note with the word challenge written on it.

I’ve got one final challenge for you. Don’t let this simmer on the back burner. Jump in right now while the inspiration’s hot!

Set that timer and dive into your own 30-minute brainstorm. Once you’ve done it, you’ll see how this method can replenish your idea well anytime it runs dry.

As a solopreneur that writes articles, your ability to generate ideas and solve problems for your audience is mandatory. Don’t let the droughts of inspiration discourage you. With this technique, you’re just 30 minutes away from a refreshing rain of ideas. Now go make it rain!

Until next time, stay inspired



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