The 28 Year Journey from Corporate Suits to Classroom to Solopreneurship

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Solopreneurship

Once upon a time, 28 years ago, I took a leap from the world of suits to going back to school. I was 30 years old, juggling two tiny humans, a growing romance, and the awkwardness of being the ‘oldest one’ in class. When I graduated, I went straight to building my own business and boy was I naïve and unprepared.

You see, I had no idea that my mindset was the steering wheel of my business. The need to bring my A-game every.single.time in a male-dominated industry was non-negotiable.

’Cause you know, dinner on the table for my tiny humans pretty much depended on believing in myself.

Flying solo was tough for me because back then, I had this image of geek girls being super cool.

Those early days of business? Switching from corporate comfort to bootstrapped beginnings can shake you. But guess what? I’m still here!

So, here I am now, a year deep into shifting my business around. Feels like day one all over again, but this time, I’m armed with 28 years of experience, the same rock-solid relationship, my kids have their own tiny humans, and a fur baby who’s 11 and is the director of security. Yes, she earns a pay-cheque.

But things seemed extra hard for me. What seemed easy for everyone else, I found I was always behind.

Couldn’t focus on one thing, but could hyper-focus on the latest AI on the market.

Things started to fall into place when I got an ADHD diagnosis this past February.

I’m managing “ok” but every day is a lesson.

Look, I’m no Sheldon Cooper, so let’s be real — I won’t act like I’ve got all my shit-together. But helping Solopreneurs like me, with brains that are wired a little differently, work through their content creation frustrations, feelings of overwhelm and procrastination challenges is my North Star.

Your turn…what’s the toughest hurdle you’ve had in your own life and business?

Until next time…stay inspired



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